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Friday, October 29, 2021

Immigration and Customs Enforcement not to arrest people at churches

Amid widespread economic collapse in Lebanon, pastors are urging their congregants to stay and serve despite desperation and temptation to follow the exodus out.

It’s been three years since Ireland legalized abortion. Amid heightened polarization during the pandemic, evangelical leaders are urging a more holistic pro-life ethos over another culture war battle.

Quick to Listen discusses the “Facebook papers” and the implications for the church in the social network’s biggest scandal yet.

On this week’s Viral Jesus: Now that he has a popular book and sizable Twitter following, Esau McCaulley talks about how “failure has dangers, but so does success.”

A month after sharing that he had been diagnosed with an ascending aortic aneurysm, Max Lucado credits God with improving his condition.

For Halloween, we’re revisiting what our modern-day celebrations say about our beliefs around death and what the holiday’s dark side has to teach Christians.

In other news

The Biden administration has directed Immigration and Customs Enforcement not to arrest people at churches or other “protected” areas. Under Donald Trump and Barack Obama, churches were “sensitive,” but not off limits to arresting officers.

A Jamaican pastor being investigated for claims of abuse and suspected ritual killings died in a car crash while being transported to the police station.

A Christian college canceled the speech of a Pulitzer Prize-winning historian after students protested his support for Planned Parenthood.

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