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Monday, October 18, 2021

Destroyed for our lack of knowledge

17 American and Canadian missionaries kidnapped by gang members in Haiti
CNN: Seventeen missionaries from the United States and Canada, some of them minors, were kidnapped in Haiti on Saturday, according to the organization Christian Aid Ministries.
In the land of the godfather comes a ban on them*
The New York Times: Part of the Catholic church in Sicily has imposed a three-year prohibition on naming godparents, arguing that the tradition has become merely a way to fortify family ties — and mob ties, too.
7 things white Christians can do to address white supremacy at church
Religion News Service: Simply start somewhere, and start somewhere local.
Destroyed for our lack of knowledge
Sojourners: Most of the U.S. public doesn’t “know anything at all” about congressional Democrats’ Build Back Better infrastructure plan, according to a CBS poll released this week.
Pope calls on powerful institutions to change status quo to better serve the poor
HuffPost: Pope Francis demanded corporate industries and world leaders change the way they operate so the poor aren't left behind by the wealthy elite.

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