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Monday, October 25, 2021

a shortage of high-end Bibles this Christmas

The Taliban takeover has more Afghans rethinking Islam, and Christian leaders are ready to help . CT heard from a convert who messages about faith with thousands of Muslims each week online as well as ministers preparing to welcome evacuees as neighbors in the US.

CT editor Susan Mettes is about to release a book about how loneliness became an epidemic. In this excerpt, she wonders: Why were evangelicals as lonesome as everyone else before COVID-19, but less so after?

Ralph Carmichael died this week at 94. The Christian composer played the “wrong” notes in class and threw the doors of Christian music open to all styles and genres.

Luke includes more descriptions of Jesus’ own prayer habits than any other Gospel—and offers us lessons for our own prayer lives.

In other news

UN experts called on Pakistan to release a Christian man imprisoned on blasphemy charges.

Black Christians in the South are most likely to attend historically Black churches compared with those in other regions, Pew Research found. (CT previously reported on Atlanta’s legacy as home to the highest concentration of Black Christians.)

Belize evangelicals are fighting a government mandate that would bar the unvaccinated from church.

Supply chain problems may mean a shortage of high-end Bibles this Christmas.

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