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Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Worth driving to: St. Elias Melkite-Greek Catholic Church

Thomas Gordon Smith – lamented ugliness: Made Notre Dame the center for classical architecture

Father Quan Tran moves to St. Hedwig’s in Los Alamitos: Was Orange County deputy D.A., founded Fullness of Grace ministry

Worth driving to: St. Elias Melkite-Greek Catholic Church: There are many icons, which are considered windows to heaven, throughout the church 

Will California lawmakers legalize composting of human bodies?: Formal opposition comes from the Catholic church

L.A. Times stumbles upon pro-life voices: In critique of Archbishop Gomez

Colorado bishops oppose vaccine mandates: And provide a template letter for Catholics  

Bishop Strickland: U.S. media and officials are “liars”: Fear God, not death

Guatemala president Giammattei makes strike for life: And resists Biden administration threats

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