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Thursday, August 19, 2021

Ned Flanders, inspired a new shoe from Adidas

The latest issue of CT is hot off the press and the cover story is about Afghanistan. Here’s what Christian aid workers who have lived and served in the war-torn country want you to know about the people: The story of Afghanistan is more than the story of war and violence.

As the Taliban takes over Afghanistan, Christian refugee advocates are lamenting the plight of American’s Afghan allies, with more than 18,000 currently awaiting special visas.

Playing Aretha Franklin in the new biopic Respect, Jennifer Hudson says it was “our faith”—both hers and the legendary singer’s—that shaped the story.

In other news

Even with another coronavirus surge, experts worry that many pastors remain silent on vaccination. (Francis Collins shared his message to vaccine-hesitant Christians in an interview with CT over the summer: “If you’ve been praying for protection for yourself and your family from COVID-19, and now these vaccines come along that are safe and effective, it kind of seems to me like that’s an answer to prayer.”)

For anyone waiting for the downward trend in church construction to rebound, 2020 wasn’t the year for it.

The most famous animated Christian we know, Ned Flanders, inspired a new shoe from Adidas.

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