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Thursday, August 19, 2021

Mennonites have agreed to stop cutting down jungles

We asked nine Christian leaders in the US, including Afghans, about the aftermath of the troop withdrawal and how to advocate for justice now that the Taliban is retaking control.

India’s evangelical leaders respond to a new report on persecution in the country.

The death toll from the Haiti earthquake has passed 1,900. Christian leaders share how the situation has changed since the 2010 earthquake.

Do Twitter trolls deserve the seventy times seven rule? The wide reach of the internet challenges our notions of forgiveness, writes Bonnie Kristian.

In other news

Mennonites have agreed to stop cutting down jungles in southern Mexico.

Republican senators are demanding the IRS explain how it decides whether a Christian organization is tax exempt.

CT reported that 70 percent of church organists are over 60. But some are younger. Some are much younger.

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