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Tuesday, June 15, 2021

The grace of holding my dying father’s hand during the pandemic

From abortion and porn to women and race: How Southern Baptist Convention resolutions have evolved
The Conversation: All eyes will be on the resolutions that are debated and subsequently passed at the annual meeting, the belief being they will give tremendous insight into the trajectory of the SBC and more generally American evangelicalism, of which Southern Baptists are the largest group.
The grace of holding my dying father’s hand during the pandemic*
Christian Century: The nursing home where
Debra Dean Murphy’s father was a patient suspended the ban on visitors for her for those last hours -- a dubious decision, perhaps, given the strict protocols, but as compassionate an act of health care as she has ever received.
The moral case for suspending the filibuster
Sojourners: Investigating how and why the filibuster was used in the 20th century is deeply relevant to the current debate around voting rights.
Southern Baptist Convention 2021 offers a Trump and critical race theory litmus test
MSNBC: The Republican “culture wars” playbook will be front and center at this high-profile meeting of America’s largest Protestant denomination.
Kings Bay Plowshares activists keep focus on continuing witness for peace
National Catholic Reporter: The action at the naval base was the most recent under the plowshares banner that began in 1980. The protests are rooted in the Book of Isaiah’s call to “beat their swords into plowshares.”

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