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Monday, June 7, 2021

How is the GOP adjusting to a less religious America?

Caught in a culture war, this multiracial family navigates a predominantly white evangelical world*
The Washington Post: What has become increasingly uncomfortable for the Ivey family is how issues of racial identity have become wrapped up in national politics and sometimes church politics.
Hobby Lobby sues Oxford professor for $7 million
Christianity Today: The Oklahoma-based craft store company has filed a federal lawsuit demanding the return of more than $7 million from an Oxford University classics professor who oversaw the world’s largest collection of ancient Egyptian papyri.
Calvin University’s first openly gay student body president paves a path
Religion News Service: Claire Murashima’s role as a gay student body president directly challenged the school’s theological positions.
How women in the Southern Baptist Convention have fought for decades to be ordained
The Conversation: As someone who was ordained as a Southern Baptist minister in 1993, Susan Shaw knows that opposition to women’s ordination has always existed, but many denominational leaders, seminaries and local churches have supported the practice.
How is the GOP adjusting to a less religious America?
NPR: Trump benefited from the white evangelical support that Reagan helped solidify, but he also presided over a country that, religiously, looks far different from the one Reagan took over after 1980.

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