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Monday, May 10, 2021

White evangelicals are more divided over the COVID-19 vaccine

White evangelicals are more divided over the COVID-19 vaccine than the rest of America, but preaching a pro-vax message may not be the best strategy to address skepticism.

Evangelicals only make up a tiny minority of Ukraine’s population. But last October, 500 were elected to every level of government. In a nation in crisis, can these Christians make a difference?

Evangelicals are partly responsible for the Equality Act. The LGBT movement was shaped by populist evangelical animosity towards LGBT people.

How church communities can support people in grief even after bringing casseroles.

In other news

Mission Aviation Fellowship has partnered with the government of Lesotho to deliver COVID-19 vaccines to remote villages.

A historic Mexican church that has been submerged under a lake for 40 years is visible again after water levels dropped during a recent drought.

The British government will no longer require Anglican ministers to maintain marriage registry books. (The Church of England will.)

At Abilene Christian, college students aren’t too old for VeggieTales.

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