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Thursday, May 6, 2021

Political privilege is harmful for Christianity

Political privilege is harmful for Christianity
Christianity Today: Our analysis of 166 nations suggests the biggest threat to Christian vitality is not persecution, affluence, education, or pluralism. It’s state support.
At last, I will be able to help bereaved people say a proper farewell at funerals
The Guardian: The Church of England said that around four in 10 funerals were livestreamed during the pandemic. Of the people who watched one, more than two-thirds said they felt live streams were a good idea.
Bishops’ move to press Biden not to take Communion reflects power struggle in split Catholic Church
The Conversation: President Joe Biden is the highest-profile and most powerful lay Catholic in American life today -- but he also holds policy views that diverge from many Catholic bishops. And that is causing some problems.
Repairing generations of trauma, one lotus flower at a time*
The New York Times: The lotus flower, blooming out of muddy waters, has long been a symbol of rising above suffering. In the wake of Anti-Asian attacks, spiritual leaders hope it can help heal the trauma of racial violence in the U.S.
Religion News Service: Six arrested in burglary of an Arkansas Buddhist temple, in what may be a nationwide spree
United Methodist pastor’s podcast ‘Cross Over Q’ challenges QAnon, comforts its victims
Religion News Service: In the first episode of his podcast, Vicar Derek Kubilus describes QAnon as ‘the most violent and dangerous Christian heresy to come along this century.’

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