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Monday, May 10, 2021

Mark Price as Saint Joseph - In His Own Words - The Desert Collection

 Mark Price as Saint Joseph

In His Own Words - The Desert Collection 

Dear Friends,

In October of 2001 I was invited to perform Simon Peter at the Retrouvaille International Conference which was held that year in Kansas City.  

Retrouvaille is a powerful Ministry which focuses on saving marriages worldwide.  I have often told them over the years that they are saving the world one family at a time

After the performance that evening I answered many questions from the audience and participants.  They told me that they loved my portrayal of Simon Peter but asked me to consider doing Saint Joseph as Saint Joseph was the patron Saint for Retrouvaille.

I told them that I did not expect to do St. Joseph simply because I was focusing on the Apostles.

Over the next month or two the wonderful people of Retrouvaille sent me many letters, books and video tapes about St. Joseph.  They reached out to me in many different ways urging me to reconsider and to pull together a performance of Saint Joseph.

Finally I gave in, and to this very day it was one of the best decisions I ever made. I love the Saint Joseph story that I tell and the character I have created.  I have enjoyed performing him around the world since 2005.  

This Saturday, May 15, 2021 at 10 AM Pacific Standard Time, Retrouvaille is going to offer free of charge, via Zoom, a film of my performance of Saint Joseph taped live in the desert. After the film I will be there live and talk about the filming as well as talk about Saint Joseph the man, The father, the husband, the Saint.  I will then respond to questions from those participating through zoom.

The generous people at Retrouvaille have allowed me to pass the link to the zoom presentation on to my friends and family - YOU.

The following is the link to the free of charge presentation on zoom.  They are limited I think to 1000 people, so if you are interested in seeing the performance of St. Joseph and participate in my live conversation about Saint Joseph and my responding to questions I encourage you to use the following link and participate this Saturday 10 AM Pacific Standard Time,  again it is completely free of charge.

The following is the Zoom presentation link:

Please click the link early to register.

More information about Retrouvaille.


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