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Thursday, May 20, 2021

Have Christians today lost the unity of the Trinity?

Southern Baptist leader Russell Moore will be joining Christianity Today this summer as the head of a new public theology project. Moore spent the past several years leading the SBC Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission. We are excited to have him go from being a source and contributor to a colleague!

Evangelical colleges and universities have a tough decision to make for the fall: Should they require students to get vaccines or not?

The Supreme Court agreeing to review Mississippi’s abortion ban could be a first step toward overturning Roe v. Wade, but even with a conservative majority, evangelicals and other pro-life advocates aren’t sure how the court will rule.

Have Christians today lost the unity of the Trinity? A new book says yes, and shows us how to recover the doctrine of inseparable oeprations.

In other news

In one state in central India, several Christian families have been denied food rations because they belong to a “foreign” faith rather than the tribal religion, according to International Christian Concern.

In Indonesia, dozens of churches are joining together to call for the release of pro-independence Papuan leader Victor Yeimo.

Billy Graham’s daughter Ruth Graham will be teaching a seminary course for incarcerated women in Mississippi.

Atlanta pastor Andy Stanley got more than 500 bikes for his birthday.

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