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Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Church reopenings may not be the big celebrations we once imagined

Complaints of religious discrimination in the American workplace have hit a 10-year low, declining under President Obama and President Trump.

Church reopenings may not be the big celebrations we once imagined. Our reunions, milestones, and post-pandemic firsts will likely come with mixed emotions.

The call to pastoral visitation doesn’t go away in a pandemic. But it does get hard.

In other news

A Church of Christ missionary who mobilized a network of 50,000 preachers in India, Ron Clayton has died at 76.

A Lutheran politician in Finland has been charged with three hate crimes for critiquing the national church’s participation in an LGBT pride festival and writing a book called Male and Female He Created Them. Päivi Räsänen says she is not guilty.

Hebrew University of Jerusalem has launched a website that will attempt to synthesize all the archaeological scholarship on early Christian churches and monasteries and make it available to the public.

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