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Thursday, April 29, 2021

Winding Down

Winding Down

When I announced back in December the news of my new assignment as director of novices in Philadelphia, the summer seemed so far away. I have been asked by a number of people when my last official day is. As pastor, my last official day will be May 31st. Fr. Flores will be the official pastor beginning on June 1st. However, my last day presiding at Masses will be on Sunday June 6th, and we’re planning a Mass of Thanksgiving the day before on Saturday, June 5th at 12:00 PM --with a simple reception to follow.

Although Fr Flores will be the official pastor beginning June 1st, due to longer than expected time in the processing of his visa, the earliest he could be here might be the end of September. During the summer, Fr Safraz and other Augustinians will continue taking care of Masses and other sacramental needs. Please be patient during this transition, and continue to pray that the processing of the visa for Fr. Flores will not be delayed further.

I am grateful to everyone who has expressed good wishes as well as gratitude for my time of service here at St Patrick’s. Thank you to every-one who has developed a personal connection with me: I am most grateful to anyone who invited me to their home (prior to the pandemic of course), who prayed for me, who took the time to bake or cook something for the other priests and myself, who gave me something to deal with my ankle issues, or thought of me in some other way. Although my service is a response to the love of God who called me to share that love through priestly service, your ap-preciation has meant so much. Thank you! You are and will continue to be in my prayers.

When I first arrived to San Diego, it was my second time living in America’s finest city, and since I already had made friends from my first time living here, the transition was easy for me. Fr. Flores on the other hand, will be coming to another country, and although he visited our parish about 10 years ago, it will be his first time living in San Diego. He will be blessed to have your support. He is such a good priest, that it is worth the wait with the processing of his visa.

Fr Flores will also be blessed to work in the parish office with our two lay people on staff who work full time: Barb Mossinghoff and Aida Rodriguez. Barb answers the phone and the door, and assists with requests from baptisms to funerals, she also helps families in planning of liturgies, works on pulpit announcements and Mass intentions, orders supplies, makes certificates for the various sacraments, managing various church calendars, marriage files for engaged couples, and many other tasks. Aida Rodriguez keeps us in line with human resources laws, and keeps the accounting of the church, pays all our bills including property taxes, edits and formats the bulletin, manages the registration process for religious education, tracks giving and prepares tax letters for you, and many other tasks. I am grateful for their professionalism, their hard-work, the good attitude they bring, and for doing so much for our parish. We are all blessed to have them, and Fr Carlos Flores, OSA will find in them the great support I have had.

God bless, Fr Carlos, OS

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