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Friday, April 9, 2021

‘I never thought China could ever be this dark’

Biden says seminary COVID-19 vaccine clinic is example of ‘America at its finest’
Religion News Service: Biden said the partnership between the seminary and a community health center is one of many that are happening between religious and medical organizations across the nation.

‘I never thought China could ever be this dark’*
The Atlantic: Leaving Xinjiang has not meant Uyghur women are free of Beijing’s grasp.

Police block and barricade Canadian church over COVID-19 violations
Christianity Today: The pastor of the Alberta congregation recently spent a month in jail for repeated refusals to comply.

Texas church gunman likely planned mass shooting for months
Associated Press: The man who killed more than two dozen people at a Texas church in 2017 appeared to have been planning months before, according to testimony at a trial.

When pastors change churches during a global pandemic, it takes creativity and perseverance
Baptist News Global: Besides preaching to empty sanctuaries in view of a call -- and in some cases for months after beginning their new roles -- these pastors say they have yet to personally meet most church members and were unable to adequately say goodbye to their previous churches.

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