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Friday, March 19, 2021

Racism infects our politics and theology

Resisting the Bonhoeffer brand: A life reconsidered
The Other Journal: Charles Marsh describes the process of writing a biography of Bonhoeffer.

Jennifer Lyell wanted to stop her abuser by telling her story. Instead, her life fell apart.
Religion News Service: When pastors or churches talk about misconduct as a ‘moral failing’ instead of abuse, they send a message that victims and survivors are partially to blame.

Racism infects our politics and theology. God calls us to change them
Sojourners: In part, this trial is about justice for the Floyd family, about whether a jury will find Chauvin guilty in the murder of George Floyd. However, this trial, this moment, is about far more. It is about us and the future we want to build.

Co-chairs of Baylor commission on historic representations say their research was distressing
Baptist News Global: Their report, due for public release March 26, offers recommendations to the Baylor board of regents and administration on how to disseminate the commission findings and what to do about physical representations such as statues.

Cologne Catholic Church failed in handling sex abuse claims, report finds*
The New York Times: The archbishop of Hamburg offered his resignation and the cardinal of Cologne suspended two senior officials over failures to report accusations of clerical sexual abuse.

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