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Friday, March 12, 2021

International evangelical pastor Luis Palau dies at 86

Ravi Zacharias ministry to change focus to supporting evangelism and abuse victims
Religion News Service: The nonprofit founded by the disgraced evangelist Ravi Zacharias announced plans to trim its workforce and alter its focus.

Is a long-dismissed forgery actually the oldest known biblical manuscript?*
The New York Times: If one scholar is correct, it will be the most consequential Bible-related discovery since the Dead Sea Scrolls in 1947.

International evangelical pastor Luis Palau dies at 86
Associated Press: Luis Palau, an evangelical pastor who was born in Argentina and went on to work as Billy Graham’s Spanish interpreter before establishing his own international ministry, has died.

Biden’s American Rescue Plan is Catholic social doctrine in action
National Catholic Reporter: The plan constitutes a decisive repudiation of trickle-down economics in favor of a bottom-up approach to economic stimulus that is far more consistent with Catholic social teaching.

Most churchgoers say they’ll return to in-person worship after COVID
Baptist News Global: The coronavirus outbreak has done little to weaken the devotion of more than 90% of American churchgoers who say they will return to in-person services in the wake of the pandemic, Lifeway research shows.

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