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Friday, March 5, 2021

From Fr. Carlos to Fr. Carlos

From Fr. Carlos to Fr. Carlos

New Covid cases continue to drop and the supply of vaccines is back in our area with around 10% of San Diegans having been already vaccinated. As new cases drop, the exigencies of life in the midst of a pandemic rise toward better days. We thank God. I remember that a year ago we were praying for these days to come. We prayed for scientists to develop vaccines, and several have been developed.

Along with this good news I have great news to share about other answered prayers. Since December we have been praying for the next pastor. For a number of weeks I did not know who it would be, and honestly I was not at ease not knowing. Now I have good news to share that not only the next pastor has been named, but he’s a wonderful Augustinian priest.

This past Tuesday, our parish and school staff met Fr Carlos Flores, OSA by way of Zoom. Fr. Flores has been named as the new pastor of St Patrick’s. He is a 48 year-old Panamanian Augustinian who has had quite a range of pastoral experiences: parish, schools, missionary work with indigenous people of Panama, and formation work.

I have met Fr Carlos three times in the past 10 years, and recently I have been meeting with him on Zoom. I give praise to God that Fr Flores will be the next pastor because I could not think of someone better for our parish. He is calm, kind, caring, understanding, and has dealt well with complex situations in his pastoral experience. It makes it a lot easier for me to leave to my next assignment when I know that a wonderful priest will be succeeding me.

Fr Carlos Flores, OSA has been accepted by our Diocese to start pastoring on June 1st, but due to the fact that obtaining a visa takes some time, it is possible that he might arrive after I depart for my new assignment. In such a case Fr Sarfraz and other Augustinians will take care of all pastoral needs until Fr Flores arrives.

God bless, Fr Carlos, OSA

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