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Monday, March 8, 2021

Black spirituals as poetry and resistance

Black spirituals as poetry and resistance*
The New York Times: These songs -- the oldest musical expressions of the slave experience in this country -- still have a lot to teach us about how we think about death and dignity.

Growing my faith in the face of death*
The Atlantic: Tim Keller spent a lifetime counseling others before his diagnosis. Will he be able to take his own advice?

Ravi Zacharias’s Ministry plans name change, calls for more victims to come forward
Christianity Today: Review of RZIM leadership and culture expected to take months, but the late apologist’s teachings are coming down now.

Switzerland approves ban on face coverings in public
NPR: Swiss voters approved a proposition Sunday banning facial coverings in public. Niqabs and burqas will be banned outside of religious institutions.

Pope Francis condemns extremism as ‘betrayal of religion’
CNN: Visiting Ur, the ancient Iraqi city where Jews, Christians and Muslims believe their common patriarch Abraham was born, Pope Francis denounced extremism as a “betrayal of religion.”

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