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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Biden attends Mass before taking oath of office

Biden attends Mass before taking oath of office
The Washington Post *

What is St. Matthew’s, the church Biden will attend on Inauguration Day?
Religion News Service

Biden could be sworn in on a Bible that has been in his family since the 1890s
The New York Times *

In Biden’s cabinet, Catholics and Jews dominate
Religion News Service

‘Psychological trauma and stress’: The lasting impact of the ‘Muslim ban’
NBC News

Militant Christian nationalists remain a potent force, even after the Capitol riot

Biden readies sweeping rollback of Trump-era abortion crackdown
NBC News

Planned Parenthood fights report that Missouri has become first abortion-free state, but numbers dwindling
St. Louis Post-Dispatch *

Bills to restrict abortion access considered in Montana
The Associated Press

Mississippi bill would find anyone who performs an abortion guilty of murder

International headlines

U.S. says China’s repression of Uighurs is ‘genocide’
The New York Times *

Hungary’s government orders disclaimers on books with gay content

Polish clinic wants to care for man in life-support dispute
The Associated Press

Intensifying Islamist insurgency in Mozambique drives humanitarian crisis

Makers of Amazon Prime show apologize after outcry by India’s BJP
Al Jazeera

Stephen Lungu, Africa’s enterprising evangelist, dies of COVID-19
Christianity Today *

Analysis and commentary

The good Catholic
Religion & Politics

President Biden and a Catholic inflection point
First Things *

Biden and Kennedy: History does not repeat itself
National Catholic Reporter

China’s oppression of Muslims in Xinjiang, explained
The New York Times *

Want your kids to follow in your faith? Take a page from religious conservatives
Religion News Service

Photos: Marking the Orthodox Epiphany

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