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Friday, December 4, 2020

Where Are the Other Fake Fragments of the Dead Sea Scrolls?

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Strategic Resource Group specializes in large gifts for the advancement of God’s kingdom.
Abby Perry

Ten Things You (Probably) Don’t Know About C. S. Lewis
Unusual facts and common misunderstandings that take your knowledge beyond Narnia.
William O'Flaherty

We Prayed for Healing. God Brought a Pandemic.
A coronavirus outbreak at France’s biggest Pentecostal megachurch changed their view of providence, judgment, and fellowship.
Interview by Jean-Paul Rempp
Where Are the Other Fake Fragments of the Dead Sea Scrolls?
Sixteen forgeries have been discovered so far in the collections of unsuspecting evangelicals. Experts have suspicions about many more.
Gordon Govier

Jefferson Tried to ‘Fix’ the Bible. He Only Succeeded in Making It Sad.
The third president’s attempts to revise Scripture warn us about our tendency to “edit” the truth.
Daniel Silliman

How to Do Advent When Nothing Seems Worth Celebrating
Our Immanuel doesn’t offer us an escape. He comes to suffer with us.
Chris Pappalardo

Christian Political Exile Persists No Matter the President
The Trump era was not a new Babylon, and the Biden era will be no new Jerusalem. (And vice versa.)
Bonnie Kristian

Lauren Daigle’s Christmas Cheer Doesn’t Pause for a Pandemic
Ahead of her first televised special, the chart-topping Christian artist told CT her music has taken on special meaning in 2020.
Megan Fowler

Southern Baptists Keep Quarreling Over Critical Race Theory
Even among Christians who agree Scripture comes first, there’s a debate over whether to learn from or reject secular theories that see racism as structural.
Kate Shellnutt

Netflix’s ‘Voices of Fire’ Reveals Power of Sung Gospel
Movies & Television
Choir director Patrick Riddick on how he saw God's presence in the show’s rehearsals.
Interview by Kathryn Kemp

Refugee Ministries Hope to Rebuild Under Biden
After drastic cuts over the past four years, they need to rally partners and volunteers to be ready for a jump in refugee admittance.
Stefani McDade

Bethlehem’s Inns Are Empty This Christmas
Wire story
Tourism to the biblical city celebrated as Jesus’ birthplace remains halted with West Bank under lockdown.
Jelal Hassan – Associated Press

In My Remote Corner of India, Christianity Is Seen as a Cultural Threat
Listening to Podcasts Makes Us Better Preachers
How the popular audio genre can help pastors fine-tune sermon preparation and delivery.
Daniel Darling

Meet the People Who Minister in America’s Food Chain
How pastors, farmers, and activists on both coasts are caring for migrant farm workers.
Bekah McNeel
How to Fake a Fragment of the Dead Sea Scrolls

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