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Friday, December 18, 2020

Online petition to block whites-only church

The Christian Century: Like religion, the purpose of governmental systems is to provide a better community. To do that, we rely on the women and men we elect to government offices to put the welfare of the people first and to do the right thing.

National Catholic Reporter: By now it's well understood that climate change leads to rising seas and rising temperatures. It is also increasingly linked to rising conflicts.

Los Angeles Times: Claremont United Methodist Church, in keeping with its tradition of eye-catching Nativity scenes, situated the Holy Family this year in front of a painting of masked people holding signs reading “I can’t breathe!” and “Black Lives Matter,” alongside Bible verses and other quotes.

Episcopal News Service: Some Episcopal congregations that had spent most of the year fasting from Communion because of the pandemic have gotten creative in the fall and during Advent so they could resume this bedrock Episcopal liturgical and sacramental practice.

Star Tribune: An online petition to stop a white supremacist church from making a small western Minnesota town its hub for Midwest activities has gained steam this week, quickly becoming one of the most popular petitions on

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