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Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Changes Are Coming Next Summer

Changes Are Coming Next Summer

I am not sure how to begin this column for this issue because I cannot find the right words to introduce that I was recently given a new assignment effective Summer of 2021. The Augustinians in America are in three geographical provinces (California, Midwest, and East Coast), yet the three provinces share a common novitiate in Philadelphia. The novitiate is one year of spiritual and human formation for Augustinians right before professing their first vows. I have been named the next director of novices. Therefore, I will be leaving St Patrick’s, probably in June of next year and moving to the Philadelphia area.

Although I know that assignments are temporary, and I knew that some day I would be given a new assignment, that day has come sooner than I thought! I am still processing the news myself. I was hoping to be part of all the centennial celebrations we were planning. I was hoping to be here long enough to see the school and the parish financially sustainable (both are making great progress). I was hoping to establish a pastoral council to help us live our mission in every activity: to praise the Holy Trinity, to care for our community, and to grow in faith and unity.

This news may be shocking to you, and I was originally planning on waiting until 2021 to communicate the news, since 2020 has been overwhelming for us all. I did not want to add more news just yet. However, participating in the Book Club we have, someone mentioned last Saturday how she started praying right away for the next pastor when it was announced that Fr Michael would be retiring. She did not know who the next pastor would be. Thanks to that comment I realized that rather than waiting to 2021, it would be best to start telling you all the news because we need prayers for the next past.

The process of selecting a pastor is not an easy process for the Provincial and his Council, and therefore if we all pray for this process, you all can feel that you are contributing by your prayers to an important decision that will affect the parish. Therefore, we will include at all Sunday Masses a special intention for guidance of the Holy Spirit and for the next pastor.

I still have over 6 months before my departure, so this column is not a farewell. There is still much to be done, and much to celebrate in the next 6 months, perhaps now more intentionally.

God bless you, Fr. Carlos Medina, OSA

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