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Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Religious authoritarianism is here to stay

Trump or no Trump, religious authoritarianism is here to stay*

The New York Times: Their unlikely ally may have lost the White House, but Christian nationalists still plan to win the war.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: In a closely divided state where a few votes could determine the presidency, and in an environment in which people’s religious beliefs and identities stir deep political passions, there were strong efforts by both campaigns to motivate and persuade Pennsylvania voters according to their faith views.

HuffPost: The overall number of hate crimes also rose to a 10-year high, even as fewer law enforcement agencies bothered to report their statistics.

Inside Higher Ed: This past week alone, at least 20 institutions announced they will be switching to online learning for the remainder of their semesters.

Religion News Service: Despite his defeat in the recent presidential election, supporting President Trump has been a boon to many evangelical Christians. Will political gains undermine their ability to minister to their neighbors?

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