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Wednesday, November 25, 2020

he case for vocational of singleness

 A new study shows that churches ranked among the top four sites for coronavirus transmission during the first couple months of the pandemic, and that people living in low-income and minority neighborhoods were more likely to contract the virus at church.

There comes a time when learning more about Plymouth Plantation isn’t edifying. The accumulation of Pilgrim data isn’t as compelling as a powerful story, but a new book on the religious colonists only tells us a little bit about a lot of things.

The coronavirus was a crossroads for many Christian expats and missionaries. The first question was whether to stay or go. After that, things got difficult.

COVID-19 makes meeting new people a challenge, which is especially hard for single Christians trying to date. But maybe it’s a good time to consider the case for vocational of singleness.

This week on Quick to Listen: a look at our fascination with the aesthetics of hipster pastors.

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