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Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Faith, LGBTQ rights collide at Supreme Court

Faith, LGBTQ rights collide at Supreme Court

Religious conservatives hopeful new Supreme Court majority will redefine religious liberty precedents
The Washington Post *

Raphael Warnock, heir to MLK’s pulpit, heads for runoff for Georgia Senate seat
Religion News Service

Colorado Prop 115 results: Ban on most later-term abortions defeated
The Denver Post *

White evangelical support for Trump goes beyond his policies, supporters and historians say
CBS News

Young, evangelical and voting for Biden — but how do they explain it to their parents?
Religion News Service

International headlines

Islamic State claims responsibility for Vienna attack

Vienna reels from a rare terrorist attack
The New York Times *

France considers envoy to explain Macron’s ideas to Muslim states
The Guardian

Coronavirus: Religious leaders and clerics in UK ask PM to reverse ban on services
Sky News

Pope returns to private library for audience as virus surges
The Associated Press

Italy’s lower house of parliament approves bill protecting LGBT+ community

India: Interfaith couples suffer amid a growing religious divide
Deutsche Welle

Thai Airways launches ‘flight to nowhere’ for religious worshippers

Analysis and commentary

Cardinal Timothy Dolan: Supreme Court can root out Philadelphia’s anti-Catholic bigotry
USA Today

LGBTQ civil rights: I could have been barred from adopting my daughter because of who I am
USA Today

Philly, Catholics and foster kids
The Wall Street Journal *

In supporting same-sex civil unions, Pope Francis is showing how the Catholic definition of what constitutes a family is changing
The Conversation

How liberal college students found common ground with evangelical peers
USA Today

Despite the horrors in Vienna and Paris, jihadism has declined
The Economist *

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