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Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Does knowing God just take practice?

We must be witnesses to peace, justice in election’s aftermath

National Catholic Reporter: Given the stakes, this is not a time for peace at any cost; but all protests and witnesses must be nonviolent.

Michigan Jewish cemetery vandalized with MAGA messages ahead of Trump rally

HuffPost: Six headstones at the Ahavas Israel cemetery in Grand Rapids were tagged in red paint with “TRUMP” and “MAGA” just a day before the election.

Does knowing God just take practice?*

The New Yorker: For both the faithful and the doubtful, the source of religious experience can seem mysterious. One anthropologist explores belief in more mundane terms -- as a form of expertise.

Sanctuary immigrants take refuge in Texas church, watch election closely

NPR: Among those anxiously watching the U.S. presidential election is a Guatemalan mother and her teenaged son who have taken refuge in a church in Austin, Texas, for the entirety of Donald Trump's presidency.

More conservative Supreme Court faces major dispute pitting religious freedom against LGBTQ rights

USA Today: At issue is the city of Philadelphia’s decision to stop referring children in need of foster care to Catholic Social Services, for decades one of its most reliable contract agencies, after discovering that it would not place kids with same-sex couples.

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