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Wednesday, October 14, 2020

White evangelicals hope to keep changing Texas red for Trump

Barrett says she does not consider Roe v. Wade ‘super-precedent’

Many Catholic women see themselves in Amy Coney Barrett. Others see an impossible standard
The Washington Post *

Refugee data on religion disappears as fewer persecuted Christians admitted to U.S.
Religion News Service

Biden reaches out to Catholics like himself, embracing a key group in big 2020 states
The Washington Post *

White evangelicals hope to keep changing Texas red for Trump
The Associated Press

SBC seminary votes to retain slaveholders’ names on buildings
Religion News Service

Louisiana bill would ensure clergy visits happen in pandemic
The Associated Press

Effort to bar LGBTQ discrimination moves ahead in Michigan
The Associated Press

In San Diego, Black Muslims are working to expand voting access in jails
Religion News Service

International headlines

The African evangelicals praying for Trump to win
BBC News

He built a Trump shrine and prayed for his health. Then he collapsed
The New York Times *

South Korea’s abortion law revision plan sparks controversy
Deutsche Welle

Saudi Arabia presides over G-20 interfaith forum
The Associated Press

Indonesia Islamic groups, students join movement to scrap jobs law

Sri Lanka Catholic bishops oppose proposed charter amendment
The Associated Press

Vatican court hears graphic description of sexual abuse

Analysis and commentary

No one likes Amy Coney Barrett’s abortion answer
The Atlantic *

Why only Amy Coney Barrett gets to have it all
The New York Times *

The Book of Ruth: Justice Ginsburg on religious freedom
Religion & Politics

A D.C. church shows how to fight for religious freedom
The Dispatch *

How will the post-pandemic church pay the bills?
Religion News Service

Southern Baptist seminary has yet to make amends for its history of racism and slavery
Louisville Courier Journal *

Appealing to evangelicals, Trump uses religious words and references to God at a higher rate than previous presidents
The Conversation

An evangelical’s guide to QAnon: Inside one of the most talked-about internet groups
Religion Unplugged

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