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Thursday, October 29, 2020

Virginia Mollenkott, 88, dies

How religion can help put our democracy back together*

The Washington Post: Eventually, we will need to rebuild our shared political norms. Faith should be part of the solution.

US evangelical group takes legal action against UK venues

The Guardian: Action comes after appearances by Franklin Graham were cancelled amid protests from LGBT rights campaigners.

Virginia Mollenkott, 88, dies; feminist found liberation in the Bible*

The New York Times: A Christian evangelical who was shunned for her lesbianism, she became an influential scholar of the Bible, finding in it acceptance of LGBTQ people.

Vatican broadens seminary abuse trial amid negligence claims

Crux: The Vatican criminal tribunal agreed Tuesday to broaden a sex abuse trial involving the Holy See’s youth seminary beyond two priests already charged to include the religious organization responsible for running the residence.

Across the country, Muslims are fighting voter suppression and intimidation

Religion & Politics: During June’s primary elections in Lackawanna, New York, all but one of 200 ballots with objections filed against them had names that sounded Muslim or Middle Eastern.

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