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Thursday, October 22, 2020

Vatican and China renew deal

Religious identity and Supreme Court justices -- a brief history

The Conversation: For the first 190 years of its existence, from 1790 to 1980, the religious divisions that defined the court were denominational in nature rather than ideological.

The New York Times: The comments, shown in a new documentary, are the strongest yet from a pontificate that has taken a more tolerant and inclusive tone.

National Catholic Reporter: The Vatican and China have renewed their provisional 2018 deal over the appointment of Catholic bishops in the communist country for a further two years, the two sides announced Oct. 22.

Baptist News Global: A new Advent resource blends the season’s traditional themes of light and hope with social justice causes -- all tied up with the goal of promoting faith and community during the pandemic.

Associated Press: Tens of thousands of demonstrators gathered on Sunday across France in support of freedom of speech and in memory of the slain 47-year-old teacher.

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