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Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Stop telling Black people to pray for Donald Trump

In Pennsylvania, Catholic voters are targeted by both sides

NPR: The Trump and Biden campaigns this year are both targeting Catholics, with messages reflecting their differing judgments of how Catholic faith values might push swing voters in one direction or another.

Religion News Service: Passages about praying for enemies have been turned against oppressed people, forbidding the expression of legitimate human emotions in response to violence and coercing us to silently comply with our own harm.

The New York Times: Rules that would have a pronounced impact on synagogues were met with protests and fires in a part of Brooklyn seeing an uptick in cases.

Deseret News: The justices considered whether three Muslim men were entitled to monetary damages under the federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act. They claim being on the list cost them jobs and opportunities.

Christianity Today: New claims raise concerns that previous allegations were not thoroughly investigated by his denomination.

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