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Friday, October 30, 2020

Megachurches continue to grow and diversify, steer clear of politics

Seeking power in Jesus’ name: Trump sparks a rise of Patriot Churches*

The Washington Post: A new congregation is gathered in a barn in Lenoir City, Tenn., with a roof that has a 60-foot American flag painted on it. And they are praying for a Trump landslide.

Time: Twenty-eight U.S. Christian right groups have spent millions of dollars pursuing conservative agendas that threaten LGBTQ and women’s rights in Europe, a new investigation by British news website openDemocracy found Tuesday.

The Conversation: As religious services went online to protect congregants from the coronavirus, a paradox emerged: Worshipers were connected via the internet to a potentially wide community, but it felt like a more private affair.

National Catholic Reporter: Headlines affirming that President Donald Trump's numbers are up with Latinos, especially in Florida and Arizona, left many of us scratching our heads.

America: “It’s cruelty, and separating kids from parents goes against natural rights,” the pope says in the documentary “Francesco.” “It’s something a Christian cannot do. It’s cruelty of the highest form.”
CNN: Jerry Falwell Jr., who resigned as president of Liberty University in August after a sex scandal and other controversies, is now suing the evangelical school for defamation and breach of contract.

Christian Century: What would happen if we listened to each other in love?

The Atlantic: Former Vice President Joe Biden is using his Scranton bona fides to win over a key voting bloc.

Religion News Service: A look at megachurches over the past five years finds that most have grown larger and more diverse and become less likely to call themselves evangelical.

NPR: A man used a knife to attack people at the Notre Dame Basilica in Nice, France, Thursday, killing three people, authorities say.
The Washington Post: Eventually, we will need to rebuild our shared political norms. Faith should be part of the solution.

The Guardian: Action comes after appearances by Franklin Graham were cancelled amid protests from LGBT rights campaigners.

The New York Times: A Christian evangelical who was shunned for her lesbianism, she became an influential scholar of the Bible, finding in it acceptance of LGBTQ people.

Crux: The Vatican criminal tribunal agreed Tuesday to broaden a sex abuse trial involving the Holy See’s youth seminary beyond two priests already charged to include the religious organization responsible for running the residence.

Religion & Politics: During June’s primary elections in Lackawanna, New York, all but one of 200 ballots with objections filed against them had names that sounded Muslim or Middle Eastern.
Associated Press: More than 1,000 clergy members, religious scholars and other faith-based advocates have signed onto a unique statement that supports a comprehensive path to “a free and fair election” and urges leaders to heed the verdict of “legitimate election results” regardless of who wins in November.

Deseret News: In Arizona, Nevada, North Carolina and Florida members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints may make the difference.

Christianity Today: The 2020 race brings out generational gaps within the most undecided Asian American demographic.

The Guardian: Protests take place in several countries against French president in aftermath of crackdown.

Religion News Service: An abatement order was issued for the United House of Prayer for All People after an outbreak of COVID-19 led to more than 121 cases and at least three deaths.

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