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Wednesday, September 16, 2020

The pandemic at six months

The pandemic at six months: Welcome to the disillusionment phase
Religion News Service: The reality that this pandemic is a marathon, not a sprint, has started to take a toll on people's emotional and spiritual well-being


'Fifth girl' injured in 1963 Klan church bombing asks Alabama governor for restitution*
The Washington Post: The racial violence in Birmingham was encouraged by state officials, lawyers for Sarah Collins Rudolph say.
Southern Poverty Law Center: Four girls forever lost: 57 years ago, 16th Street Baptist Church bombing awakened nation to deadly consequences of hate


New Orleans health director works to prevent second wave of pandemic
National Catholic Reporter: Catholic faith helps Dr. Jennifer Avegno support patients in their time of crisis.


The volatile mix of a South Korean church, politics and the coronavirus
NPR: Authorities have linked more than 1,100 cases of infection to the Sarang Jeil Church.


Charles Stanley stepping down after 50 years as pastor
Christianity Today: At 87, the longtime First Baptist Atlanta preacher still doesn't believe in retirement.

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