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Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Christian colleges are changing to survive. Is it working?

'Scholar strike' for racial injustice includes divinity school professors
Religion News Service: A religious studies professor at the University of Pennsylvania said thousands of faculty are supporting a "scholar strike" during which they are focusing on racial injustice in or out of their classrooms this week.

Fire destroys most of Europe's largest refugee camp on Greek island of Lesbos*
The New York Times: Campaigners have long warned that the overcrowded conditions at the impoverished camp might lead to catastrophe.

Christian colleges are changing to survive. Is it working?
Christianity Today: Faced with declining enrollments, evangelical schools add programs, cut programs, and hope.

Untangling Jerry Falwell Jr.'s finances from Liberty University won't be easy
Reuters: The influential evangelical reportedly intertwined his personal finances with those of the evangelical Christian university founded by his father.

Priest tapped as Duluth, Minnesota bishop resigns amid probe
Associated Press: A priest recently tapped by Pope Francis to become a bishop for a northern Minnesota diocese has resigned after an allegation of sexual abuse of a minor in the 1980s surfaced before he could take up his post.

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