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Wednesday, June 3, 2020

The last temptation of Trump*

The last temptation of Trump*
New York Times: The president brandishes a Bible in front of a church, in search of a divine mandate that isn't coming.

Why James H. Cone's liberation theology matters more than ever
Religion Dispatches: In 1975's God of the Oppressed, theologian James H. Cone described how Christian responses to the 1967 Detroit riot revealed not only an insensitivity to black suffering but, as he argued, a larger theological bankruptcy on the part of white theologians.

Washington Archbishop condemns Trump's visit to Catholic shrine
HuffPost: Archbishop Wilton D. Gregory said he finds it "baffling and reprehensible" that a Catholic facility would allow itself to be "manipulated" in this way.

'He wears the armor of God': evangelicals hail Trump's church photo op
The Guardian: The president's appeal to his base amid protests was derided by some Christians. Others saw a victory in a world of evil.

For most churchgoers, controversy between religious freedom and public health is not real
USA Today: Amid the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, partisans and our political process may be turning the freedom of religion into a threat to public health.

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