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Thursday, May 21, 2020

'Things will never be the same.' How the pandemic has changed worship

Jane Roe's deathbed confession exposes the immorality of the Christian right
The Guardian: The plaintiff in the landmark Supreme Court case revealed she was paid to change her mind about abortion.

'Things will never be the same.' How the pandemic has changed worship
NPR: Christian worship in the United States, long characterized by its adherence to tradition, appears to have been significantly altered by the coronavirus pandemic.

Reopening too early is not freedom, it's selfish
Sojourners: Freedom, or liberation, from a Christian perspective is not about our personal rights.

Is the pandemic sparking suicide?
New York Times: The mental health toll of the coronavirus pandemic is only beginning to show itself, and it is too early to predict the scale of the impact.

COVID-19 delayed a United Methodist schism. But it has left LGBT members in limbo.
Religion News Service: Rebecca Bernstein says she wants to go to a United Methodist seminary. But her dreams of becoming an ordained Methodist minister are on hold for now.

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