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Thursday, May 28, 2020

San Diego diocese saying June 14 for Sunday Mass

Just don’t know at CSU East Bay: Mandy grew up without religion; Kennia's parents left Catholicism before she remembers
What the Ninth Circuit thinks of religious Californians: Churches can't be trusted
San Diego diocese saying June 14 for Sunday Mass, June 8 for daily Mass: Evangelicals not as patient 

State issues re-opening rules for churches: "Consider discontinuing singing and group recitations"
We must continue to shape the culture: Homily on the Ascension
A more complete Pell story: Why the Australian cardinal had vicious enemies  

The real last words of Norma: Catholic World Report article raises questions about film AKA Jane Roe
Sacramento diocese freezes salaries: Hires security man
Family Research Council details public school horrors: Fairfax County as the testing site

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