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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Our rituals will change this year

By Nathan Kirkpatrick
A holy season marked by pandemic can still bear witness to hope, peace and faith. 
By Paul A. Baxley
Because Christ is alive and has gone ahead of us, the ministry of the church can be carried out in homes and through relationships, in the smallest of settings. That is how it was in the beginning -- and how it needs to be in this moment, writes the executive coordinator of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship.
By Gretchen E. Ziegenhals
The spiritual practice of "divine seeing" invites us to look deeply and to question. How might you view the world differently from a place of greater focus and openness to new perspectives?
By A. Trevor Sutton
Online church offers congregations the ability to continue being church amid the coronavirus pandemic.
By Melissa Florer-Bixler
Pastors can be tempted to fill this time of fear with overproductivity. We need to resist that urge. 
Q&A with Peter Hill
Owning our limitations may not be comfortable, but it can help us be humble, says the Biola University psychology professor. 
We update this list of information from government and media sources at least three times a week to offer guidance to pastors and other Christian leaders struggling to respond to the pandemic of COVID-19. 

As containment of COVID-19 forces your worshiping community to implement 'shelter in place' worship and practice social isolation, the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship offers these resources to help you plan and cope in ways that encourage and support your community.

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