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Friday, March 6, 2020

Meditation and surround sound meet prayer in Brooklyn church

Coronavirus threatens one of the most sacred moments in church: Communion*
Washington Post: When the tidal wave of coronavirus news washed over his suburban Philadelphia congregation, the Rev. Barry Gray knew he had two issues, one spiritual and the other political. And they were intertwined.
HuffPost: Catholic Churches are emptying holy water fonts over coronavirus concerns

Tornado in 'the buckle of the Bible Belt' takes toll on houses of worship
Baptist News Global: Tornadoes that destroyed more than 140 buildings Tuesday night in middle Tennessee left their mark on a number of religious landmarks in Nashville.

In Europe, church taxes are voluntary. People pay them anyway.
Christian Century: The tax generates very significant sums for the churches -- several billion euros annually across the continent.

How Reddit is helping ex-La Luz del Mundo members cope with life after the church
Religion News Service: For Raquel Guerra, transitioning to life outside the church wasn't easy. For years, she could not find anyone who could sympathize with what she had been through -- then she found a community on Reddit.

If God is dead, then ... socialism?
Vox: Philosopher Martin Hägglund on freedom, politics, and the meaning of life.

The Democratic Party is not antithetical to religion
Religion & Politics: To be sure, there are rising numbers of religiously unaffiliated Democratic voters, yet the Democratic Party's secular image seems erroneous when one considers how often candidates have folded religious rhetoric into their campaigns.

6 ways universities are responding to coronavirus
NPR: Higher education in the United States is more of an international community than ever, and that means the impacts of the coronavirus have been felt broadly across the country already.

Meditation and surround sound meet prayer in Brooklyn church
Associated Press: Welcome to sound bath Evensong.

No matter what the Supreme Court decides, abortion opponents have already won
Vox: As the Supreme Court considers a Louisiana law, this is how anti-abortion groups see the direction of the country.

Those shoes were made by a Uighur detainee
The Nation: China forces Muslim minorities to produce materials that may be used by Nike, Uniqlo, Zara, and other retail giants. It's time for the fashion industry to talk about divestment.

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