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Thursday, March 12, 2020

How sick could we get?

How do I get tested and how does the test work?

Think you might be infected with coronavirus? Here's what to do and how the test works. Read more

Risk of death rises with age, diabetes and heart disease

People who have the new coronavirus are more likely to die if they are older or show signs of sepsis or blood clotting problems, suggests a study of patients in two Wuhan hospitals. Read more

Why is it so hard to calculate the death rate?

It might seem confusing that estimates of number of fatalities caused by the new coronavirus range widely, but that's because there is no one fixed death rate. Read more

Worse than flu

Some people have argued that covid-19 is no bigger a problem than flu – but they're ignoring the fact that we lack natural immunity and have no vaccines in our armoury. Read more

How sick could we get?

What are the worst symptoms of covid-19, and how deadly is it? We're starting to understand how the virus affects people in different ways, depending on their age and underlying health conditions. Read more

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