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Tuesday, March 3, 2020

How Christian nationalism drives American politics

Activism cuts into the political might of S.C. black church
Associated Press: Presidential hopefuls can no longer count on the church as the principal forum to connect with black voters.

He blames 'evil' for South Korea's coronavirus surge. Officials blame him.*
New York Times: The founder of the Shincheonji church, which has been at the center of the outbreak in South Korea, is trying to defend his group while denying the accusations against it.
CNBC: Seoul mayor sues South Korea religious group for 'murder' and 'injury' over spike in coronavirus cases

Federal court protects woman who took sanctuary in a church from deportation
Religion News Service: For nearly two years the Honduran native took sanctuary from deportation at Church of Reconciliation, not knowing if she would ever be able to emerge from her confinement.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: Jesus would be maligned as 'radical' by today's Congress
HuffPost: The New York lawmaker invoked her Christian faith in a passionate defense of the dignity and rights of LGBTQ Americans.

Sociologist Andrew Whitehead: How Christian nationalism drives American politics*
Salon: The author of "Taking America Back for God" on why Christian nationalism isn't really about religion, or Donald Trump.

On forgiveness, clergy abuse, and the need for new understandings
The Revealer: What should survivors do when the Church asks them for forgiveness?

Want some good news about the future of faith? Look to Generation Z
Deseret News: Recent research on Generation Z holds some good news for people worried about the fate of organized religion.

Jehovah's Witnesses complete entire Bible in American Sign Language
Religion News Service: The last of the Bible's 66 books was released in video on the Jehovah's Witnesses website, completing what the U.S. spokesman for the church said is the only complete Bible in ASL.

Ahead of Super Tuesday California's oldest temple is politically diverse, yet spiritually united*
The Forward: The community faces a tenuous future, but it is becoming a center of Jewish learning and observance that unites people in one of the most polarized areas in the state.

Vatican opens archives of World War II-era Pope Pius XII
NPR: After decades of pressure from historians and Jewish groups, the Vatican on Monday began allowing scholars access to the archives of Pope Pius XII, the controversial World War II-era pontiff.

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