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Friday, February 28, 2020

The Bible that oozed oil

Most Americans don't see Democratic candidates as very religious
Pew Research: A new Pew Research Center survey covers four of the top contenders -- Joe Biden, Pete Buttigieg, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.
Religion News Service: Bernie Sanders makes his pitch at prominent NC black church ahead of Super Tuesday
Religion News Service: Meet the pastor who prays over Elizabeth Warren before every debate

What to do with a deconsecrated church? Better a library than a nightclub
Crux: Bisho
ps and the government in Italy just collaborated on guidelines for what to do with unused churches now up for sale.

The Supreme Court nears the moment of truth on religion*
New York Times: The majority's view of the Constitution's free-exercise clause poses a threat to civil society.

Report: U.S. right-wing extremists killed 330 people in last decade
HuffPost: 2019 was the sixth-deadliest year for extremist-related violence since 1970.

The Bible that oozed oil
Slate: A small Georgia town, a prophecy about Donald Trump, and the story of how a miracle fell apart.

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