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Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Caution, cancellations mark Ash Wednesday in time of virus

Caution, cancellations mark Ash Wednesday in time of virus
Associated Press: The Vatican was going ahead with plans for Pope Francis to celebrate the Ash Wednesday ritual kicking off the Catholic Church's Lenten season, but elsewhere in Italy Masses were canceled over fears of the new coronavirus and other Catholic countries took precautions.

Why Lent can be a dangerous time when you're recovering from an eating disorder
America: "It took me a long time to believe that God was not disappointed with my body," Amanda Martinez Beck writes. "It took me even longer to learn that Ash Wednesday was not my yearly diet launch date."

Delhi protests: Death toll climbs amid worst religious violence for decades
The Guardian: The death toll from the worst religious violence in Delhi in decades has risen to 21, as Muslims fled from their homes and several mosques in the capital smouldered after being attacked by Hindu mobs.

No, Jean Vanier is not 'like all of us'
National Catholic Reporter: Social media feeds have been filled with folks trying to make sense of these revelations.

Yes, Justin Bieber is Christian. Why do so many people care?
Deseret News: Americans have long been obsessed with Christian celebrities

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