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Saturday, February 22, 2020

A married Catholic priest in a celibate world

Father Josh: A married Catholic priest in a celibate world

by Tim Sullivan, The Associated Press
Fr. Joshua Whitfield is a husband, a father of four and a relentlessly good-natured priest beloved by the parishioners. He is, he says, "an ecclesiastical zoo exhibit," one of the tiny community of married priests — men who slipped through a clerical loophole created 40 years ago — that even most Catholics don't know exist.

How a committee report offered comfort to sex abuse survivors

by Mark Redmond
Commentary: As part of a committee Bishop Christopher Coyne of Burlington, Vermont, formed to establish a list of the credibly accused priests of his diocese, I know our work mattered.

LGBT teacher resignations fuel frustration

by Heidi Schlumpf
Two high school teachers who were reportedly forced to resign now join a group of nearly 100 employees who have lost their jobs at Catholic institutions in the last 13 years because of LGBT issues.

Dimesse sisters link female prisoners to society in Kenya

by Doreen Ajiambo
Looking to change lives in prison and after release, sisters bring inmates food, underwear, sanitary pads, Bibles and basic health services, along with teaching skills, spiritual coaching and behavioral change.

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