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Friday, January 10, 2020

Why diversity training isn't enough

White evangelicals' attacks on James Cone are about power, not truth
Religion News Service: The heresy Cone is guilty of is denying white Christian leaders' authority to define what Christianity should look like for black people.

Why social media is a last resort for survivors of clergy abuse
Sojourners: Mainstream media has played a crucial role in giving voice to survivors. A leader of one nonprofit said: "Church leaders aren't listening to survivors until the media tells their story for them."

Why diversity training isn't enough
The New Republic: Addressing inequality requires more than consciousness raising.

One goal of Methodists' plan to split the church over same-sex marriage and clergy: Avoid lawsuits.*
Washington Post: Leaders of the United Methodist Church took notice when other Protestant denominations began allowing same-sex marriage -- and in some cases were hit with a wave of lawsuits.
United Methodist News Service: Feinberg kept church negotiators at table

Catholic church in Spain launches years-long marriage training for couples
The Guardian: Two to three years of voluntary programs are aimed at lowering high divorce rates.

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