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Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Venerable Augustus Tolton, former slave

Short film portrays life of Venerable Augustus Tolton, former slave
EWTN will release Wednesday a short film on the early life of Venerable John Augustus Tolton - the first African American priest - whose cause for canonization progressed in...

Dutch cardinal: Priests should 'speak clearly' on assisted suicide
A priest must say clearly to a person opting for assisted suicide or voluntary euthanasia that he is committing a grave sin, a Dutch cardinal told CNA this week.

Analysis: Has Archbishop Paglia opened a new fight over 'accompaniment'?
Catholics hoping for a swift correction to Paglia’s insistence on the need to “accompany” someone committing assisted suicide may be disappointed.

Analysis: The Vatican's finance scandal, and faithful stewardship
The Vatican’s unfolding financial scandal has not yet led to action at the Vatican. To understand why, it’s important to understand something about the scandal...

Catholic homilies shortest of all denominations, study finds
A survey of more than 6,000 churches found that Catholic homilies were shorter on average than any Protestant denomination.

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