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Thursday, December 5, 2019

The pastor, the porch, and a father's fight with faith

Sports Illustrated: A man of God and man of football, Vernon Shazier was tested as never before two years ago, on the night his oldest son lay motionless on the field.

How bad theology makes the opioid crisis worse
Religion & Politics: There are beliefs that arise from the American Protestant tradition that distort cultural and public policy views toward both addiction and drugs.

Will the future of work be ethical?
Tech Crunch: After generations of increasing inequality, can we teach tech leaders to love their neighbors more than algorithms and profits?

Michael Schur on Peter Singer's moral challenge to the rest of us
Lit Hub: The creator of The Good Place introduces Peter Singer's ethics of giving in "The Life You Can Save."

Work or starve, Trump administration tells poor people*
New York Magazine: Donald Trump's sins are so plentiful that they battle constantly for condemnation.

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