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Thursday, December 12, 2019

Pope Benedict XVI “the deepest thinker”

Christian student doesn’t think actions on Earth determine afterlife: Laythen has faith but believes that the Bible and concept of deadly sins exist in order to control people
Peter’s Pence money ends up behind Elton John biopic: What were Vatican officials thinking?
Eight eavesdropping charges remain against David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt: Were abortionists' conversations private?

Pro-life student assaulted at Cal State-Sacramento: Pro-abortion political science major caught on camera threatening former College Republicans president, “You’re going to end up f------ dead”
Our Lady of La Vang blessing at Christ Cathedral: Target for completion is Oct. 3 next year
Pope Benedict XVI “the deepest thinker”: So says filmmaker Werner Herzog

Xavier Becerra will send subpoenas to all 12 California dioceses: To check on mandatory reporting compliance

SCOTUS lets stand law requiring ultrasound image and heartbeat audio: Kentucky allows woman to look away and turn off the sound

A tool for pro-life parents: New children's book encourages kids to stand for life 

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