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Friday, December 6, 2019

'I don't hate anybody. I was raised Catholic'

Anti-Catholic vandalism in Northern Ireland deters families, prompts investigation
Reports emerged this week of a third act of sectarian vandalism at a social housing development in Northern Ireland, into which a Catholic mother and her daughter were in the.

Catholic Church discovered in Dublin archeology dig
Following the demolition of a Dublin building, archaeologists recently discovered the foundations a 300-year-old Catholic Church that was used during times of persecution.

Tucson bishop: US policy puts migrants at risk of violent crime
The U.S. government’s “Remain in Mexico” policies put vulnerable migrants at risk of kidnapping, rape, cartel violence, gang activity, and other dangers across...

'If we give up our Christianity, we lose our identity,' says Hungarian minister
Hungary is promoting pro-family policies because its Christian identity is at stake, the country’s family minister told CNA in an interview.

Pelosi fumes: 'I don't hate anybody. I was raised Catholic'
Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi on Thursday rejected the suggestion that she “hates” President Donald Trump, and said that her Catholic faith prevents her from hating...

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