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Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Houses of worship attacked with deadly frequency in 2019

Black Protestant sermons are four times as long as those in US Catholic churches
The Guardian: A study of sermons has found 'striking differences' among different denominations in length and content.

Powered by faith, religious groups emerge as a conduit for a just solar boom
NPR: Religious institutions are long-standing community anchors which makes them ideal partners for developers struggling to connect low income households with clean energy.

Cries of abuse in Catholic Church start to be heard in Japan
Associated Press: As in other parts of the world, Japanese victims of abuse are starting to feel less alone and have come forward despite the ostracism they and their family members often face for speaking out.

'Same God' exposes hypocrisy of the church and the power of faith
Rolling Stone: A potent documentary traces the story of an evangelical-college professor who was fired after standing up for religious freedom.

Dear Democrats: Four religion requests from non-religious Americans
Religion News Service: Here are some of the most pressing requests on the minds of non-religious Americans.

If Trump is impeached, it will be hard for Senate Republicans to vote to convict him
The Christian Century: "They need to do it anyway," the editors at The Christian Century write.
America: The editors on the question of impeachment

Houses of worship attacked with deadly frequency in 2019
Associated Press: Hundreds of worshippers and many clergy were killed at churches, mosques, synagogues and temples this year.

The New Testament doesn't say what most people think it does about heaven
TIME: To understand what the first followers of Jesus believed about what happens after death, we need to read the New Testament in its own world, N.T. Wright says.

Fleming Rutledge: Advent begins where human potential ends
Christianity Today: This season invites us to turn our face toward the future of God, not man.

Catholic activism, not repentance for sexual abuse, is what forces clergy to resign
The Conversation: The increase in bishop accountability is due not to an improvement in the Vatican's protocols, but rather to the activism of local Catholic reform groups.

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